Underground structures can be of temporary or permanent nature. Which function the steel structure needs to fulfil, depends on your project. Our sheet piles and strutting systems can retain soil and water in building pits and cofferdams.

Sheet piles and combined walls are exceptionally suitable for permanent application in for example underground car parks and basements. Here, the steel products are incorporated into the structural design of the construction. The fact that steel sheet piles can be driven tight against the boundaries of the site and that the wall itself has limited height means that the surface area available for use is maximised.

We offer steel products for the following underground construction projects:

Building pits and cofferdams

Building pits and cofferdams are temporary or permanent retaining constructions for the realisation of underground and/or underwater building structures.

Steel sheet piles are the best solution as they can easily be installed, extracted, and reused. They can be used in limited space.

In combination with the delivery of sheet piles, we provide complete solutions to ensure the stability of the building pit. 

Our strutting systems are custom-made for your building pit and are delivered on a just-in-time principle. Our stock tubes and beams are ideally suited to be used as struts and walings.

Sheet piles already have good watertightness properties. However, if there are additional requirements, we can increase the water tightness of your building pit. Multiple sealing products can be used.

Underground car parks

Underground car parks are a good solution to limited parking space in highly urbanised areas.

ArcelorMittal is changing the economics of conventional underground construction by utilising steel sheet piling not only as temporary retainment but also as a permanent structural wall. This innovative use of sheet piles eliminates the need to construct an additional permanent wall within an excavation, thereby greatly reducing the construction schedule. The reduced schedule results in significant project savings and a greater return on investment.

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