Manufacturing – Supply chain & quality


At Solar Projects, we have dedicated manufacturing plants: in Egypt & in China. Their manufacturing technologies are multiple and include: cutting, bending, machining, welding and surface treatment.

ArcelorMittal Projects Exosun has set a strong network of ArcelorMittal processing plants and vendors, located in several areas to address projects worldwide with high quality at best costs.

The combination of Asian and European Sources offers scalable capacity and reduces the costs of parts delivered on-site.

Quality management

Supplier selection is the most important step in the course of supply chain management, so as to reduce the costs, improve the quality and deliver the products on time. Suppliers must demonstrate their ability to meet their obligations. Through the relationship with our suppliers, we have continuous quality inspections plans to ensure the best quality materials & finished products are delivered on the field.

We work with Best in class Suppliers and freight forwarders to deliver our solar solutions worldwide.

We provide logistics guidelines and support on-site as needed to facilitate the projects' execution.