Our team of engineers will help you find the best customized solution to your project.

  • Technical advices 
  • Flexible design adjusted to your specifics
  • Co-engineering of complete steel support structures (CPV/CSP)
  • Layout optimization


High slopes? Strong winds? Irregular site contour? Need for specific foundations? 

You can count on our expertise in providing site specific product optimization, maximizing upfront savings & ensuring smooth deployment on-the-field through practical,  construction-related engineering studies. We will always provide the best solutions keeping in mind the Total Cost of Ownership.



Our solar tracker division has developed a personalized Autocad add-on to optimize your plant layout. This easy-to-use software will help you define the best tracker configuration to achieve maximum power. Exodesigner, our autoCAD add-on to facilitate your plant design. 

    • Easy-to-use, a great tool to compare multiple tracker configurations in a few clicks
    • Layout optimization for the best LCOE