An innovative tracker, the safest in the industry. With a design that eliminates dynamic instabilities and the need for stow position.


Sizing a structure to resist maximum wind loads in only one position is a way for manufacturers to easily reduce the cost of the product. In return, it increases the risk of failure of the system. 

A-Motion™ is the only tracker on the market to get rid of this weakness, being designed to resist the maximum wind loads in any position. 

Whatever may happen on the control command or the drive train, during construction or operation, the structure & modules remain safe.


A unique solution

  • Independent single-row architecture with self-powered 
    operation and wireless communication
  • Dual-beam table with 1-module portrait configuration for 
    easy installation & module stability
  • One torsional stiffener per post to eliminate dynamic 
    instabilities and need to stow
  • 1 motor for multiple tables (up to 180m)