Projects Exosun

The entity Projects Exosun was established after the acquisition of the assets of Exosun SAS, pioneer of advanced solar tracking solutions, by the world’s leading steel and mining company ArcelorMittal.

The company benefits from 10 years of expertise in tracking technologies as it designsdevelops and markets its own solar trackers and is comforted by commercial, industrial and R&D synergies with ArcelorMittal group.

Our mission

Projects Exosun is a worldwide leading supplier of advanced, cost-effective solar tracking solutions for ground-mounted power plants.

Driven by operational excellence, innovation, and long-term customer commitment, Projects Exosun partners with energy producers, developers, and EPCs to boost their solar profits.

Our values

Our history

Exosun was founded in 2007 with the mission of engineering high-quality solar tracker solutions to support a future powered by the sun. Since then, we have worked to optimize our products to meet the evolving needs of PV plant developers, owners and operators, ultimately enabling more attractive solar investment opportunities around the world. Our team worked continuously to optimize the cost of the solar kWh with the use of efficient solar tracking systems. Exosun and ArcelorMittal developed an industrial partnership in 2016, ArcelorMittal becoming one of the major supplier for Project Exosun’s technology Exotrack HZ, before it was fully integrated in ArcelorMittal group in 2018. Projects Exosun has delivered 1 GWp of solar trackers on the 5 continents.