ArcelorMittal Sheet Metal Processing supplies galvanized components, delivered as “IKEA construction kits”, for utility-scale solar fields.

We are specialised in complex structures for:

  • PV fixed structures
  • Heliostats for Tower CSP and CSPV
  • CPV Trackers


Heliostats used in Tower CSP and CSPV require a good understanding of the optical tolerances during manufacturing. This is important to ensure the overall efficiency of the solar plant. As is the management of the mechanical tolerances to guarantee productive field assembly. These two aspects we master well after 15 years of experience.

PV fixed structures

When it comes to PV fixed structures, we go one step further. Based on the project boundary conditions (wind, topography, layout…), we provide design & engineering as well as a full supply of fixed-tilt structures for utility-scale Solar fields.