For the design of sheet pile walls or foundations, ArcelorMittal Projects, in cooperation with ArcelorMittal CRPS, offers comprehensive technical support.

This service comprises:

  • feasibility studies
  • dimensioning of sheet pile structures and foundation piles
  • optimizing the technical and economical solutions
  • elaboration of anchorage or strutting systems
  • calculation of vertical load-bearing capacity of sheet piles

To calculate sheet pile constructions, we need the following data:

  • characteristic cross section of the sheet pile wall with indication of the soil and water levels at both sides of the sheet pile wall.
  • additional loads on the sheet pile wall (crane loads, traffic, foundations, vertical or horizontal forces on the wall itself, etc.).
  • penetration tests with indication of the reference level on the cross section, if possible including borings and description of the different soil layers.
  • a ground plan of the sheet pile construction.
  • the driving system: impact hammering, vibratory driving or pressing.