Case Studies

Railway underpass - Lonkeren I Belgium

390 t of AZ®800 steel sheet piles, using a top-down method to reduce traffic disruption to a single weekend for the whole duration of the works.

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East Quay, Port of Piombino - Livorno | Italy

New dock with a 350 m long East Quay. Combined wall with internal stiffeners in the tubular piles. 2 pages.

East Quay, Port of Piombino - Livorno | Italy PDF (EN)

Underground car park - Aalst | Belgium

Vibration-free installation of 100% watertight steel sheet pile walls in a three level underground car park. 2 pages.

Hopmarkt underground car park - Aalst | Belgium PDF (EN)

New Lock Ivoz-Ramet - Flémalle | Belgium

Application of a diaphragm wall with straight web sheet piles for a new lock on the river Meuse in Ivoz-Ramet (Flémalle). 2 pages.

New Lock Ivoz-Ramet - Flémalle | Belgium PDF (EN)

A2 motorway - Eindhoven | The Netherlands

Application of sheet piles in combination of noise barriers and retaining walls for highway and parallel road in Eindhoven. 2 pages.

Randweg A2 - Eindhoven | The Netherlands PDF (EN) 3.75 MB

Liefkenshoek Rail Link - Antwerp | Belgium

Use of sheet pile walls to execute bored tunnels underneath the Canal dock in Antwerp. 2 pages. 

Liefkenshoek Rail Link - Antwerp | Belgium PDF 3.77 MB

Underground car parks

Six case studies of underground car parks in which sheet piling was used as an integral part of the structure. 27 pages.

Underground car parks PDF (EN) 6.76 MB

Dubai Maritime City - Ship Lifts

Case study of two ship lifts with retaining walls and anchor walls of steel sheet piles. 2 pages.

Dubai Maritime City - Ship Lifts PDF (EN) 1.52 MB

Flood protection and dykes

Efficient solutions for dykes, dyke improvement and flood protection. 11 pages.

Flood defence and bank protection PDF (EN) 3.33 MB

Protections anti-crue et digues de canaux PDF (FR) 1.35 MB

High Speed Line South - Netherlands

Case study of the steel solutions for the Dutch High Speed Line with, among others, the Noordrand tunnel, the Ringvaart aqueduct and the Oude Maas and Dordtse Kil tunnels. 16 pages.

High Speed Line - Netherlands PDF (NL;EN;FR) 2.89 MB

Quay walls - Zeebrugge | Belgium

Case study about the quay walls of the Wielingen dock and the Albert II dock at Zeebrugge (Belgium). 2 pages.

Quay walls Zeebrugge PDF (NL;EN;FR) 515 kB

MV piles - Zeebrugge | Belgium

Case study about injected HP anchor piles for quay walls at Zeebrugge (Belgium). 2 pages. 

MV piles Zeebrugge PDF (NL;EN;FR) 777 kB

Tunnel - Zelzate | Belgium

Cut and cover tunnel with used sheet piles for N49-R4 intersection at Zelzate (Belgium). 2 pages.

Tunnel Zelzate PDF (NL;EN;FR) 137 kB