Steel sheet piles

Steel sheet piles of ArcelorMittal are used worldwide in a broad range of applications. This is the result of continuous development and extension of the sales program.
ArcelorMittal Projects offers a wide range of steel sheet pile profile, steel foundation piles and combined wallsEXTENSIVE STOCK OF USED SHEET PILES FOR SALE OR RENT:

Please note that production of the following sections has stopped. Kindly contact us if you require further information.

  • AZ 36-700, AZ 38-700, AZ 40-700 (2007)
  • AZ 37-700, AZ 39-700, AZ 41-700 (2011)
  • AZ 24-700N, AZ 26-700N, AZ 28-700N (2016)
  • AZ 46, AZ 48, AZ 50 (2019)