Buy-back & rental

As an organization that specializes in selling very specific foundation products our aim is to provide clients a diversity of contractual possibilities. In the case of temporary applications it is possible to either rent or purchase materials by means of a buy-back contract.

In a buy-back contract, we engage ourselves to purchase the material back at the end of the project. For our client, this means guaranteed prices, so no risks of steel price drops and therefore no risks of not being able to sell the used materials again. By providing this contractual flexibility, we not only hope to be a preferred partner for the supply of steel materials but we also enable our clients to increase their competitiveness by making creative tenders.

Operating in a market for specific steel materials we aim to enhance our share by providing a diversity of commercial possibilities that allow the realization of distinguishable solutions. This strategy lines up with the motivation to provide a solution to your foundation challenge and have an open mind towards new requests depending on our customers need.