LNG Terminal - Swinoujscie | Poland

The port of Swinoujscie, Poland, situated directly on the sea, is among the largest seaports in the Baltic Sea region, connecting Scandinavia with central and southern Europe. It is also located close to Berlin (140 km), and another relevant asset is the access to the European inland navigation system through the Oder-Havel Canal.

The Port Authority is investing in new quays and is modernizing the existing port infrastructure, as well as improving roads and rebuilding rail infrastructure. The main target is to adapt the infrastructure to the requirements of modern transportation systems to increase its com­petitiveness compared to nearby seaports.

The project of the external port is connected with the government policy of diversification of deliveries of energy-related raw materials to Poland. It includes the construction of LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) terminals and facilities of the port for ships with a draught of 13.5 m and a length up to 300 m. The LNG terminal, a facility to off-take and re-gasify liquefied natural gas, is designed as an external port situated next to the new larger and longer eastern breakwater that will be built from the northeast. South from the external port situated will be warehouses and a dispatch section of the terminal. The terminal will receive vessels of about 70,000 DWT (Dead Weight Tonnes). Additionally, the new breakwater will turn the external port into a shelter for any vessel at sea near the port.

The breakwater and the quay wall are being built with a combined wall system supplied by ArcelorMittal.

The breakwater is around 3 km long. A tubular combi-wall was chosen because ArcelorMittal could guarantee to deliver the tubes and sheet piles in a very short time frame. In less than five months, 13,600 tonnes of steel pipes up to 24.6 m long, and 3,250 tonnes of sheet piles were delivered to the main contractor Hochtief Construction AG, in a joint venture with Per Aarslef, Boskalis and Doraco. The installation works are done from five jack-up platforms with hydraulic hammers.

The loading quay wall itself is being built by a joint venture Möbius, Bunte and Pihl, using a pipe/AZ combiwall system and a HZM/AZ combi-wall system with HZM piles up to 26.8 m. ArcelorMittal was able to deliver an economical combination of pipes from stock, Spiral Mill and third parties. The different steel components are installed from a jack-up platform with an hydraulic hammer IHC S70 mounted on a leader fixed on a Hitachi 150 crane. Furthermore, a large technical platform was built on the shoreline.

The breakwater and the quay wall will use around 22,690 tonnes of steel foundation elements. The project should be inaugurated at the end of 2012.

Materials list:


  • Spirally welded pipes Ø1220 x 12.5 - 16 mm, grade X52, X56, X60, X65 & S420MH; in lengths 15.2 - 28.7 m : 13,600 t
  • Sheet piles: 3,250 t
    • Infill piles: AZ 18-700 grade S355GP, in lengths 17.0 - 20.0 m.
    • Anchor wall: AZ 13-770 grade S355GP, length 3.0 m.

Loading quay wall

  • Steel pipes: Ø508 x 12.5 to Ø1870 x 25 mm; grade S355JOH; in lengths 19.4 - 32.0 m: 3,360 t
  • HZM/AZ: 1,100 t
    • HZ 880MB-12, HZ 1080MA-12, HZ 1080MB-12; grade S355GP; in lengths 17.5 - 21.0 m
    • Infill piles: AZ 13-770 grade S355GP, length 3.0 m.

Technical platform

  • Sheet piles: AZ 18-700, AZ 26-700, AZ 28-700, AZ 37-700, AZ 39-700; grade S355GP; in lengths 20.0 - 23.9 m: 1,380 t

Project information

  • project type: Harbour construction
  • country: Poland
  • products: Sheet piles, Steel tubes
  • customer: Port of Swinoujscie
  • year: 2012
office: The Netherlands (HQ)

Mannesmannweg 5
4794 SL Heijningen
The Netherlands

Tel.: +31 88 0083 700

Email: projects.europe@arcelormittal.com

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