Looking for a one-stop shop for your next project? No need to look further. ArcelorMittal Foundation Solutions offers various value-added services which will help to advance your project seamlessly. 


Having our own production facilities enables us to prefabricate essential products for immediate use on the construction site. Some of the activities we do in-house:

  • assembly to the length of tubular piles, sheet piles and beams by cutting and/or butt welding
  • prefabrication of the king piles for combined walls by equipping them with interlocks
  • assembly of triple U-sheet piles and quadruple Z-sheet piles
  • welding of sheet pile middle interlocks for replacement of crimping or watertight applications
  • application of sealing products in the interlocks
  • construction of special piles
  • prefabrication of strutting systems
  • construction of MV piles
  • coating of steel pipes, sheet piles, beams and more
  • bending of sheet piles
  • additional project-specific prefabrication (shear rings, interlock guiders, reinforcing plates etc.)
  • construction of box piles


For the design of steel foundation constructions, our team offers comprehensive technical support. Our engineering services comprise:

  • feasibility studies
  • preliminary geotechnical design of sheet pile structures and steel foundations
  • optimising existing specifications to more optimal and economical solutions
  • design and/or optimisation of anchorage or strutting systems
  • calculation of vertical load-bearing capacity of sheet piles and tubular piles
  • engineering driving plans
  • tailored advice
  • research
  • (technical) training

We provide assistance from concept to realisation. Hereby, the engineering of driving plans is as important as the realisation of conceptual designs.

Project management

Our highly experienced global teams are able to support you at every step of your project. From documentation to certification and quality assurance. Standardised procedures enable us to reach a continuous level of quality.

The high level of service is translated into contracts towards our clients and is also implemented by the subcontractors that perform part of our activities.

Subcontracting together with the necessary logistics is part of the service we provide to unburden you and to provide you with a complete solution.

To summarise, we can offer following project management services:

  • documentation
  • certification
  • quality assurance
  • logistics and customs clearance
  • subcontracting

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