ArcelorMittal Piling Handbook 9th edition, 2022

The Piling Handbook (PHB) has been a reference in the steel piling industry for decades. Its main objective is to support design engineers and piling contractors to design safe and cost-effective steel sheet pile structures and additionally, it contains many practical tips for the installation.

In this first revision of the 9th edition, our engineers worked on two key chapters, and fixed some typos in other chapters:

  • Chapter 1: Product information. The product range evolves constantly: new and more cost-effective sheet pile profiles replace older profiles. This updated chapter reflects the changes, but you can still find the section properties of profiles that are not produced anymore in Chapter 13
  • Chapter 3: Sustainability and durability. Nowadays, environmental aspects are one key parameter when selecting a solution. How can you compare the environmental footprint of alternatives? What is a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD)? Has the recycling rate an influence on the carbon footprint? You will find short answers in this chapter. We also added a paragraph on the durability of steel structures, which is one of the parameters influencing the environmental analysis.

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