Hot rolled sheet pile sections - steel grades

ArcelorMittal’s hot rolled steel sheet piles range is available in steel grades according to the European standard EN 10248 – Part 1:2023. Please note that not all profiles are available in all steel grades. Standardised yield strength fy (note: the value of ReH is used in the European standard) start at 240 MPa and go up to 500 MPa. The new version of EN10248-1:2023 introduces new requirements on the steels: CEV values (carbon equivalent value) and impact properties (Charpy V-Notch test).

The tables below summarise the current availability.

Special steel grades such as American ASTM A572 steel grades, steels with improved corrosion resistance, such as AMLoCor® and ASTM A690, or steels with copper addition in accordance with EN 10248 – Part 1:2023, Chapter 7.2.4, can be supplied on request. A modified steel grade A690 with a higher yield strength is also available for some sheet pile sections.

Steel grade availability may change at any time, without prior notice, so please contact us for updated information.