ArcelorMittal supplies anchoring systems that provide additional support to sheet pile retaining walls. We also provide tie-rods, walers and other accessories required for the retaining wall.

HP foundation piles

HP steel bearing piles are special warm rolled H beams with the same thickness for flange and web. In comparison to conventional H sections, HP piles feature a greater stability of form during driving, a uniform cross-section against corrosion and a better weight/perimeter ratio.

HP piles application fields

  • bare HP foundation piles, charged on tension and/or compression
  • grout injected HP anchor piles (MV piles)

Advantages of HP piles

  • easy installation, considering driving as well as handling, transport and storing
  • no limits for the length of the pile, due to an easy adaptation to the soil conditions by splicing
  • easy connection to the superstructure
  • high bending moment capacity for horizontal forces
  • immediate loading after driving of the bare piles
  • bearing piles: very high resistance to compression loads
  • MV piles: rigid anchorage with high tension loads (> 500 tons per pile)

Steel tie rods

ArcelorMittal also offers steel tie rod systems. These are high-quality products which contribute to the excellent stability of the main retaining wall and can offer economical and technical advantages as anchoring systems. The high diversity of accessories gives the engineer the possibility to adopt the system as required.