It is well known that steel is sustainable, as it can be recycled and reused numerous times. Steel sheet piles, specifically, are cut out for temporary use in construction projects.

Our temporary steel sheet piles are an ideal choice for various construction applications, including retaining walls, cofferdams, excavation support, and more. These sheet piles are designed to be driven into the ground to create a sturdy and reliable barrier, enabling construction in challenging terrains and ground conditions.

Advantages of our temporary sheet piling

  • Sustainable solution: the reusable nature of sheet piles makes them an environmentally responsible choice. In addition, at the end of life, sheet piles can be re-used. When they cannot be used any more, 100% of the steel can be recycled.
  • Strength and durability: our steel sheet piles are made from high-quality steel, ensuring exceptional strength and durability to withstand the forces of construction and environment.
  • Versatility: we offer a wide range of sheet pile profiles and sizes to suit various project requirements. This versatility ensures that our products can cater to different site-specific challenges.

Lateral support / shoring

Steel sheet piles can be utilised for temporary soil and water retention applications, with profiles and lengths to suit anything from the smallest to the biggest task. Steel sheet piles can be driven, extracted and reused many times, making them a top solution in terms of circular economy and environmental life cycle considerations.

Steel sheet piles have been used for temporary applications for decades, as they as cost-effective and time-saving. Given the re-usability of these sections, there are several business models to optimise the economy of a project: sheet piles can be rented, purchased for re-sale or buy-back at the end of the project, or kept for future works.

Advantages in the realm of health and safety when using steel sheet piles must also be considered. When it comes to risk, excavations are the most significant hazard in any construction environment. For many reasons, temporary excavations are potentially a greater hazard: low budget, time pressure and lack of engineering attention are often unfortunate elements of temporary works, which have an impact on safety. This is exacerbated by preconceived notions that a safe system of work is generally slower and costlier than a “do nothing approach”. Fortunately, steel sheet piles can contribute to lowering project costs and optimised timelines.