Lifting, lowering and hoisting processes require wire ropes that are developed to operate safely and efficiently in the most demanding environments. ArcelorMittal Hoisting ropes are engineered to perform to the highest standards and to exceed our customers expectations. Our technical expertise provides our customers with exceptional value.

Our steel wire ropes are widely used in lifting, lowering, and hoisting applications.
When selecting a rope, several factors must be considered such as your requirements for strength, fatigue and abrasion resistance, crushing resistance, resistance to rotation and the operating conditions and physical environment. The kind of machinery you are using is, of course, a key consideration.

Our hoisting ropes

6 outer strands, steel or fibre core.

A light use, regular or lang lay rope with 6 outer strands over a steel or fibre core. HDHP 6 can be used for applications such as pendant ropes, electric hoists, cranes, trolley ropes, and drilling. View details >

8 outer strands, plastic impregnation.

Ideal for travelling and overhead cranes for steel or paper mill cranes, casting cranes, harbour container cranes, mineral gantry cranes, boom hoists, and electric hoists. View details >

Complast 9
9 outer compacted strands, plastic impregnation.

A high-performance rope with compacted strands and plastic impregnation for all heavy duty hoisting applications including mobile cranes, tower cranes, crawler cranes, offshore cranes, deck cranes, cargo cranes, foundation cranes and harbour cranes. View details >

Integral 8
8 outer strands parallel closed rope.

A parallel closed rope with 8 outer strands for applications where a very high breaking strength is required. View details >

NRHD 24 / NRHD 24 C
Rotation resistant hoist rope/compacted hoist rope.

NRHD 24 is a rotation-resistant rope for a broad spectrum of applications including tower cranes, mobile cranes, crawler cranes, high lift hoisting devices, and deck cargo cranes. Excellent performance on multiple layer coiling winches along with a high resistance to bending fatigue. View details >

Notor HP
Rotation resistant hoist rope.

A rotation resistant hoist rope for high rise applications including tower cranes, mobile cranes, crawler cranes, offshore operating cranes or any high lift hoisting device requiring high rotation resistance. View details >