We provide high-quality seamless steel pipes and pressure vessel plates for refineries, petrochemicals complexes and gas processing units with tailored logistics and services.

For these applications, Energy Projects is able to supply products in carbon and alloy steels in a wide dimensional range suitable for the toughest and most demanding environments and various applications.

We are able to offer pipe for sour service conditions with high corrosion resistance, for low and high-temperature service as well as for high-pressure applications.

Our products are used in:

  • Refinery units: hydrotreaters, sulphur recovery units, cokers, heavy oil upgraders (HOU), fluid catalytic cracker (FCC), distillation columns and gas-processing applications
  • Gas processing units: liquefied natural gas (LNG), gas-to-liquids (GTL), gas-oil separation plants (GOSP), gas sweetening, gas treatment plants and others
  • Petrochemical plants: olefins, fertilizers, aromatics and others 
  • Fired heaters
  • Storage tank terminals: LNG, crude oil, modularized processing module

Our unique solutions


Alupur® combines the strength and fire resistance of steel with the corrosion resistance of pure aluminum. By using Alupur® operators can lower maintenance costs and increase safety.

It is a Type 2 aluminized steel which exceeds the ASTM A463/A463M standard. Compared to standard Aluminized Type 2 steels, Alupur® from ArcelorMittal has lower levels of silicon and iron which enhances its corrosion-resistance.

Alupur® has a multitude of applications in refineries, petrochemical facilities, gas power plants, oil storage facilities, liquid natural gas terminals, grain silos, and pipe cladding. In certain conditions, Alupur® is suitable for food contact applications and meets standards such as EC Regulation 1935/2004 (Europe)and NF A 36-712-2 (France).


  • superior passive fire resistance
  • very good corrosion resistance
  • thermal and light reflectivity
  • up to 2.5 mm pre-coated steel


ArcelorMittal’s Magnelis® metallic coating ensures optimal surface protection against long-term wear and tear. 

Magnelis® is the optimal coating to protect against atmospheric corrosion, it:

  • withstands the harshest of environments (the destruction of coating that occurs in an ammonia environment is seven times less with Magnelis® than with a standard zinc coating and in highly alkaline environments – those with a pH between 10 and 13 – Magnelis® corrosion resistance trumps other metallic coatings)
  • protects exposed cut edges from corrosive reactions thanks to a thin zinc-based protective film with magnesium
  • guarantees longer-lasting, active coating protection over time


Dangote Refinery (Nigeria)

138,000MT plates, 101,000MT rebars

Dangote Oil Refinery Company

Refinery and Petrochemicals Integrated Development - Rapid (Malaysia)

3,252MT welded tubulars


Al-Zour Package 4 (Kuwait)

4,864MT beams

Essar Projects