Offshore sub-stations are an important part of offshore wind farms. Sub-stations collect and export the power that is generated by turbines.

Energy Projects has a strong track record when is comes to the supply of structural steel for sub-stations applications. Our expertise allows us to provide solutions to various customers across the globe.

We supply the folowing products for sub-stations

  • Complete structural steel package for substations topsides
  • Jackets

Our products

ArcelorMittal can conduct the following tests if required:

  • Ultrasonic testing
  • Reduced carbon equivalent (CEV) or parameter crack measurement (PCM) values
  • Transversal impact tests
  • Improved deformation properties perpendicular to the surface of the product as per EN 10164 (Z test)
  • Post-weld heat treatment test (PWHT)


East Anglia ONE (714 MW)

ScottishPower Renewables

Beams, HP profiles and sealess tubulars


HornSea Two (1.4 GW)

SMIY (Admirality Yard Offshore) / Bulktrade

Beams, LSAW tubulars, seamless pipes, angles, bulbflats and hollow sections