New platforms are being continuously installed in different parts of the world and operate in deeper and deeper waters.

The safe and efficient interconnection from the topside platforms and vessels to the wellheads and pumps on the seafloor is necessary to guarantee reliable oil extraction operations.

Energy Projects provides steel solutions for the following structural subsea applications:

  • Pipeline End Manifolds (PLEM)
  • Pipeline End Termination Systems (PLET)
  • Subsea Templates
  • Subsea Manifolds and Mudmats
  • Pipe support structures

We have a proven track record supplying structural steel packages for various subsea applications and have a thorough understanding of the specific inspection, testing and quality control needs required in the subsea environment.

A wide range of structural steel grades is offered either from our own stockyards or ex-mill. These grades are approved by all major classification societies such as ABS, DNV and Lloyds Register:



3540MT plates