Rising the challenges and the opportunities of this new world for the 21st century.

Hydrogen terminology to start:


Green Hydrogen is produced by the electrolysis of water. The process is powered by zero-carbon electricity like Offshore Wind and Solar power.
Green Hydrogen is the ideal long-term zero-carbon way to produce Hydrogen.


Blue Hydrogen is produced from fossil fuels such as natural gas.


Grey Hydrogen is typically produced from natural gas in a process called steam methane reformation. Brown Hydrogen is produced from the gasification of coal. These productions are cheap but emit large amounts of CO2.

New steel solutions

As the search for cleaner alternatives to fossil fuels continues, hydrogen is perched to play a major role in the energy transition of the 21st century.
Consequently, as ArcelorMittal Energy Projects, we can assist you in order to bring new steel solutions and services for the following segments of the supply chain:

  • Production for reforming industrial units
  • Pipeline transportation
  • Storage

We have a wide range of tubulars, plates and HAV products to cover the different needs of our customers, and we are ready to tackle their challenges.


Products we offer