ArcelorMittal Energy Projects provides complete and customised steel solutions for various onshore construction applications. From LNG plants and storage tank terminals to refineries and petrochemical plants. 

Our steel products are used in:

  • Refinery units: sulphur recovery units, fluid catalytic cracker (FCC), distillation columns and gas-processing applications
  • Gas processing units: liquefied natural gas (LNG), gas-to-liquids (GTL), gas-oil separation plants (GOSP), gas sweetening, gas treatment plants and others
  • Petrochemical plants: olefins, fertilisers, aromatics, and others
  • Fired heaters
  • Storage tank terminals: LNG, LPG, temporary CO2 storage, crude oil, modularised processing units

For onshore construction projects, we supply the following solutions:


Protecting structures in the event of a fire is a major challenge for the oil and gas, and petrochemical industries. To ensure the safety of workers and installations, superior fire-resistant products are required. Our solution: Alupur®

Alupur® combines the strength and fire resistance of steel with the corrosion resistance of pure aluminium. By using Alupur® jacketing, operators can lower maintenance costs and increase safety.

Alupur® is a Type 2 aluminised steel, which exceeds the ASTM A463/A463M standard. Compared to standard Aluminised Type 2 steels, Alupur® has lower levels of silicon and iron, which enhances its corrosion-resistance.

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