Energy Projects has a strong track record in the complete package supply of structural steel to the main players in the renewable energy industry.

We supply structural steel for various applications for fixed-bottom as well as floating offshore wind foundations. Our steel is supplied for the following foundation types:

  • Jacket foundations for Wind Turbine Generators (WTG)
  • Floating foundations for Wind Turbine Generators
  • Jacket foundations and topsides for substations

Our thorough understanding of the industry standards ensures that our high-yield structural steel conforms to stringent quality requirements and international offshore wind specifications. This includes requirements set by DNVGL-OS-B101 and DNVGL-OS-C401.

Wind turbine generator foundations

Jacket foundations are complex structures that require high-quality steel and know-how. ArcelorMittal Energy Projects offers various applications and a wide range of quality steels for jacket foundations. The following products are available:

  • Large diameter welded tubulars (LSAW) for piles, jacket legs, bracings, stubs and nodes
  • Heavy plates for Jackets and Piles
  • Tubulars, plates, beams and merchant bars for transition pieces
  • Seamless and welded tubulars, and bends for J-tubes
  • Seamless tubulars for boatlandings
  • Secondary and tertiary steel products

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Floating wind foundations

Floating offshore wind foundations are designed to support wind turbine generators in deep water. In these locations, the seabed is too deep for traditional fixed-bottom wind turbines. The advantage of floating wind platforms is that they can be deployed further offshore, where the wind is generally stronger and more consistent.  

We offer various steel structures which ensure the floating wind towers are anchored to the seabed, allowing them to remain stable in rough sea conditions.

The solutions we offer:

Transformer substations

Offshore substations are an important part of offshore wind farms. Substations collect and export the power that is generated by wind turbine generators. ArcelorMittal Energy Projects provides complete structural steel packages for substation topsides, as well as for substation jacket foundations. Products are amongst others tubulars, heavy plates, beams & sections and J-tubes.

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