Krybar® is a specially designed reinforced steel bar for the construction of cryogenic LNG tanks in order to provide safety for cryogenic applications. Due yo its special composition and rolling process, Krybar® has a high ductility even at very low temperatures, down to -170°C (240‎°F).

The development of Krybar-620 is based on the experience which ArcelorMittal former Arbed has obtained in the last 30 years during the production of the Krybar-165. 

The Krybar-620 complies with EN 14620 and the Krybar-165 with the BS7777.

Our offer

ArcelorMittal offers a wide range of Krybar® grades, depending on the design temperature of the tank. 

  • For LNG tank design according to BS7777: Krybar® -165 and EN 14620: Krybar® - 620
  • For ethylene tanks with a design temperature down to -105°C : Krybar® - 105
  • For LPG tanks with a design temperature down to -50°C : Krybar® - 50
  • Thread service available

We offer Krybar® in the following diameters: 12, 16, 20, 25, 28 & 32mm. Other sizes can be provided upon agreement.

ArcelorMittal has been producing Krybar® since 1980, the product has been used in more than 250 tanks worldwide in the past 40 years.  




36,688MT plates, beams, krybar® 

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