Protecting structures in the event of a fire is a major challenge for the oil and gas and petrochemical industries. To ensure the safety of workers and installations, superior fire-resistant products are required. Our solution: Alupur®

Alupur® combines the strength and fire resistance of steel with the corrosion resistance of pure aluminium. By using Alupur® jacketing, operators can lower maintenance costs and increase safety.

It is a Type 2 aluminized steel which exceeds the ASTM A463/A463M standard. Compared to standard Aluminized Type 2 steels, Alupur® from ArcelorMittal has lower levels of silicon and iron which enhances its corrosion-resistance.

The Product

Alupur® has a pure aluminium coating on both sides of the steel substrate. The guaranteed coating mass is 305 grams/ or a 50µm coating on both sides. Other coating thicknesses are available as well.

Unique properties

In comparison to most other metallic-coated steels, Alupur® offers good thermal and light reflectivity to minimize the effects of heat radiation. Even after accelerated aging, Alupur® maintains more than 70% of its reflectivity.

Alupur® has superior corrosion resistance in all environments (urban, industrial, and marine) thanks to the hard and passivating layer of aluminium oxide which forms on the surface of the steel. The effect extends to uncoated cut edges, ensuring long-term protection. In marine environments, Alupur® exhibits much better resistance to chloride cracking than the commonly used stainless steel grade (AISI Type 304).

Corrosion resistance is maintained in the presence of heat, and the different aggressive combustion by-products found in oil and gas installations.

Alupur® advantages in summary:

  • superior passive fire resistance
  • very good corrosion resistance
  • thermal and light reflectivity
  • up to 2.5 mm pre-coated steel


Alupur® has a multitude of applications such as:

  • refineries
  • petrochemical facilities
  • gas power plants
  • oil storage facilities
  • liquid natural gas terminals
  • grain silos
  • pipe cladding

In certain conditions, Alupur® is suitable for food contact applications and meets standards such as EC Regulation 1935/2004 (Europe)and NF A 36-712-2 (France).